One of the most popular YouTubers in Pakistan and India, this YouTuber has amazing content that nearly a million followers find interesting and worth watching.

He’s a young content creator who goes out on the street, fools harmless people, and even runs social experiences. All while maintaining respect and a certain level of decency.

In the final video, he goes out to people asking permission to make a phone call from their phones and ends up joking and testing their patience. I don’t want to spoil the video, you have to check it yourself but their reactions are really funny.

His comments section is full of his fans asking him to make a sequel to his videos. These followers are not only from his country but from neighboring countries as well, and people really like the way he presents his videos and the way he speaks respectfully with people.

From acting like a beggar who has an iPhone 12 to cutting people’s cigarettes with scissors and the funniest banter, this YouTuber takes this to the next level without having to do something blatant or disrespectful.

That’s why I highly recommend you to click on his link and check his channel and give him a chance. He has some great potential and he is definitely gaining more followers every day.