This is another great YouTuber from the Arab world. Hanudi is wonderful! He is another popular content creator and has close to 3 million followers.

He is a solid meme reviewer and has a great personality. He collaborates with many other Arab YouTubers.

In this video, he called the famous Barry Tube and they sat together through a bunch of memes that were identified and executed by their viewers.

The memes that were created were really funny and creative in ways that impressed Barry Tube who debuted a video with more than just his voice. I’m sure its great to see your own creation on such a video and share it with millions of people online.

Some great memes are always created and featured throughout the video and each YouTuber acts as a judge and rates them 10.

In other episodes, Hanody will provide them with the kind of raw content that viewers will use and transform into funny short videos in a creative way.

He recently made short videos of himself in front of a green screen that he shared, his followers have done some creative work and created really funny skits that he later watched and rated.

In my opinion, this YouTuber has some real potential, is gaining more traction and popularity day by day and really reminds me of the content created by PewDiePie.

Really love watching him and inviting you guys to go check out his channel and subscribe and you won’t regret it.