During the recent pandemic, the number of people watching YouTubers playing games has doubled, and even tripled.

This is plausible because these YouTubers create compelling and engaging content that will captivate viewers like me. P4GAM3R is one of my favorite content creators because each video creates a new amazing story.

In this video, Grand Theft Auto V plays his character as a poor boy who works for a wealthy homeowner. While working at home, he discovers a criminal breaks into the house and tries to steal the homeowner’s property.

Being a cute kid, he goes and alerts the owner, and the two immediately go to alert and report the police. Events accumulate as she follows the thief around town, and disguises herself without the help of the police. He leads them to the gang’s hideout where they discover all the stolen things that they have stolen.

They broke into the place and recovered all the stolen cars. The kid shows great manners and does not even try to take the stolen money available even though he is in poor financial condition.

Seeing this, the business owner tries to help him and give him the car plus additional money to pay off his debts and his family’s debts.

The story continues and many other videos with great stories are posted every day.

That’s why I recommend checking out this YouTube channel if you are feeling bored in your spare time